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Dr. William Clint Kindrick

Owner of Center for Psychiatric Wellness


Serving the community is nothing new for Dr. William Clint Kindrick.  Whether it is volunteering at nursing homes as he did in high school, coaching youth league basketball as he did in college, or offering his time to participate in community service locally with his church, Dr. Kindrick has consistently placed value on helping others.  Fast forward several years, and the pattern remains largely unchanged.


For the past 2 years, Dr. Kindrick has been assisting the Fort Smith Area community by providing evidence based mental/behavioral health services to children, teenagers, and adults. A graduate of UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas, Clint received his MD in 2009. Subsequent specialty training at UAMS included completion of the Department of Psychiatry Residency program, where Dr. Kindrick was elected Chief Resident by his peers after being vetted by the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry. He remains board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


With the opening of the Center for Psychiatric Wellness, Dr. Kindrick and his wife Kristi, along with a team of professionals that share their values,  will continue to serve their community with warmth, leadership, and integrity for years to come.

Find Dr. WC Kindrick and Dr. Kristi Kindrick

at 7217 Cameron Park Drive in Fort Smith, AR

or give them a call today at 479-831-6007.